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Our community

When you become part of the Team Challenge family, you’re supported by coaches, mentors, and friends who understand the impact of IBD. We are a community, united to help each other and everyone impacted by Crohn’s & colitis.

Your story has the power to touch the lives of patients and their families living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Share your story and it may inspire a patient to take that next step in their life or empower a patient to make that next difficult decision.

Featured Participants & Coaches


Alumni: The Blue Crew

Team Challenge alumni — participants and coaches who come back year after year — are known as the Blue Crew!

The Blue Crew is the heart & soul of our Team Challenge family! It is because of you that we have come so far in the fight against IBD over the last 15 years. But, the race isn't over yet. We need your help to reach that ultimate finish line: cures for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis!

As a special thank you for all our alumni have done, and continue to do, we have created some must-have Team Challenge Blue Crew gear that can be earned for each event completed!

5+ Events:

Team Challenge Blue Crew dri-fit running hat by Boco Gear

10+ Events:

Team Challenge Blue Crew track jacket

*Men's and Women's sizes available

15+ Events:

Invitation to the Champions Club reception for life (+guest) to any TC event you fundraise for

20+ Events:

Hall of Fame listing on Event Details Page


Blue Crew Hall of Fame

Teammate who have done over 15+ events with Team Challenge

Tavish Margers 42
Lori Dunbar 38
Tim Goedeker 34
Brett Diamond 30
Patricia Cacioppo 28
Leigh Stein 28
Jim Mossman 26
Robin Brody 25
Sheri Gelvar 23
Chris Adams 23
Steve Couch 22
Dewey Thom 18
Megan Preovolos 16
Abbe Feitelberg 16
Christine Stavros 16
Cathy Plant 16
Linda Turner 15


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